Children's bunk bed

Bunk beds can be fun pieces of furniture in children's rooms. Bunk bed, as well as any furniture should be suitable for your child and a child's room. Bunk beds are ideal for a variety of options for sleeping children, and for optimal use of space and room. Use furniture set with bunk beds allows more space for games and entertainment.

Over the past few years, children's bunk bed has changed quite a bit, but as always there are many options for their configuration and design. What used to be simple bunk beds, was transformed into a triple - bunk beds, bunk beds, all-in-one, the beds are made superstructure above the tables. There are many variants of beds and it is important to choose the option that satisfied parents, children, and will be well in harmony with the interior of a child's room.

 Children's bunk bed

biggest mistakes in the choice of bunk beds:

1. Age of children - the biggest mistake made by parents when choosing children's bunk bed is that they are trying to put the children's bunk beds in children's rooms where the children are still too small. Children love to spin in a dream and move around the bed, and for this reason a child of four in the top tier - it is not very safe. As an alternative, you can do on the first floor of stress is now being bed and on the second desk. Typically, the most optimal age for the upper bed is 6 years old or older.

2. height mattress attain to the level with the line fence , making the presence of fences meaningless. I strongly recommend that responsible approach to the choice of mattress. To lower the bed is not essential, but for the top is a question of security for your child.

Tips on choosing bunk beds 1. Bunk beds are not recommended for children under 6 years. 2. The top bed should have railings on both sides along the entire length and they should not be less than 15 cm from the mattress. 3. The opening for the stairs should not exceed 40 cm 4. The mattress should fit perfectly. 5. Sturdy ladder must be at the beginning of beds. 6. If you have a ceiling fan make sure that the distance from the fan blades to the top bed is sufficiently large.

In conclusion: When you order the production of child bed, then be sure that you do so in the knowledgeable company that can answer all your questions and explain all the nuances that are important for bunk beds. Children's furniture should be chosen carefully, because it affects the safe sleep for your children.