How to calculate the cost of the cabinet coupe?

Approximate cost of the cabinet compartment you call our staff after a preliminary phone conversation. Cost is calculated based on the size of the cabinet compartment, its depth, as well as options for facade and configuration. The final cost will be calculated after the visit of the designer.

How long manufacturing cabinet coupe?

Production time depends on the workload of our department, and the complexity of manufacturing the cabinet. But usually it is up to two weeks.

How much is delivery and installation of cabinet coupe?

Delivery, assembly and installation of the cabinet compartment is free of charge.

How long does it take to install cabinet coupe?

Installation takes about an hour to four hours, depending on the complexity of design cabinet compartment.

Where is your shop or office? We have consciously rejected the contents of the shop and office, as rent and maintenance of additional staff assumed in the cost of your closet compartment. Having rejected these additional costs, we are able to do high quality custom made furniture at an affordable price.

Do you work weekends?

Order a designer, as well as delivery, assembly and installation of cabinets compartment can carry at any convenient for you day and a good time.

Where to see the materials from which you make cabinets coupe?

During the visit, the designer, it gives you samples of slices CPD really appropriate color and texture, as well as photographs of stained glass and options for filling facade.

How can I order cabinet coupe?

Solo closet compartments designed and ordered after a call a designer home. Call Designer by phone or by filling out the order form designer.