Closet on order

Everything has its time and the time of old boxes are gone. The new cabinet compartment to order will be your main helper in the battle for the square meters of apartment space. Cabinets compartments have distinct advantages over the old cabinets.

main advantages cabinet coupe :

- Substantial space savings

- Expansion of visual space

- Increased capacity of

- Safety

- Beauty

Saves space

The majority of apartments are a lack of storage space for clothes and belongings.

The old and traditional large closets occupy much space and quite cumbersome. Traditional cabinet doors also take place when they are opened. Doors cupboard or compartment may be folded or moved apart and thus take up little space. Cabinets Coupe Custom make a specific size and shape. Such a cabinet may fill any unused or unnecessary to create a niche and within it storage space.

visually more

If the apartment is small, then the cabinet coupe custom with glass doors will help to visually enlarge any of the rooms. cabinet coupe can be conventional mirrors or mirrors with patterns.

tall cabinet - a roomy closet

cabinet coupe , as a rule, make up the ceiling. In this way you get much more space for your belongings. The upper compartments are placed all kinds of blankets, bedding, blankets and other things are not often used, but necessary and cumbersome.

Safe cupboard coupe

European safety standards are sustained in each cabinet compartment, close to the order.

Our cabinets are made with the compartment material of high durability. If you placed an order for closet compartment with mirror doors, you can be sure if you can break the glass, but no it does not hurt. The glass in our cabinets are covered with specials. film that does not fly in splinters and something hurt. The doors are protected from disruption and fall rolls in the capture, even with a strong dash door coupe cabinet did not come with guides.

cabinet coupe is beautiful

Each closet compartment to order is a masterpiece. After all, this cabinet is a piece of design in your apartment, a piece of your desires and needs, a piece of imagination of the designer and engineer who created a piece of the soul that closet compartment . Beauty will save the world, and our custom cabinets will help her in this.

you do not have closet coupe?
Then we are ready to go to you !!!