We all know what happens in most of wardrobe to general cleaning. Often in the wardrobe you can find things that we never shall dress or the things that we wear often and they are scattered all over the closet. Today I'll give you some tips on organizing the location of things in the closet.

Step 1

Let's clear our cabinet taking with him all his clothes. Go through each item and determine whether you need it and whether you need it stored. Throw away or give away things that you'll never wear.

Step 2

Sort items by level of need. Make two groups of things - the first group to go back into the closet and the other will be stored in another location, such as a closet or attic. Obviously, the second group will consist of things are seldom used, such as costume for a masquerade or Christmas costumes.

Step 3

Look closely at the things that you want to put back in the closet may all of them it is better to move in the closet?

Step 4

Buy a plastic box and plastic organizers to store small items such as jewelry, underwear, socks and stockings. All these things are better not to place around the cabinet and keep together.

Step 5

Unfortunately, most designers do not much worry themselves mulling over a functional wardrobe, and often it is a horizontal pole and shelves above it. If you have just such a cupboard for correct organization of things in it have to do redesign. With the right design in the wardrobe should be more sections and departments, for example department for shoes, small boxes, extendable racks and many other elements of the modern wardrobe for clothes and shoes.

If you have ideas for organizing things in the closet then write in the comments and most interesting of them I'll put in the article.